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Lars Bo Kujahn - 1958

Started as a rock drummer in 1975, but from the early 1980s it is the Balkan music and the Middle Eastern music that characterize Lars Bo Kujahn.

When he forms the group Kefir (with Claus Mathiesen), the name is later changed to Svira. The orchestra tour in Macedonia in 1988.

Autumn 1988 becomes a landmark with a study trip to Istanbul and Cairo to study Middle Eastern percussion (supported by the State Music Council and DJBFA).

At the Conservatory of Istanbul v. Ferruh Yarkin, Lars Bo Kujahn receives tuition in Turkish rhythms and in Cairo with Professor Mahmood Hamoda.

Since then, it has turned many trips back and forth to Cairo.

In 1991, Lars Bo Kujahn publishes the book "Oriental Percussion" (incl.MC) at the Percussion Center publisher. This was the beginning to give workshops in "Oriental Percussion" all over Scandinavia, among other things. Falun (S), Kuopio, Helsinki, Tampere, Turko, Jüvasküla (F), Oslo (N), Stockholm (S) Vestjyllands Højskole etc. Has also had a few study trips to New York and Morocco respectively.

All study trips until -93 were supported by the Danish State Music Council and D.J.B.F.A.

Since 1993, Lars Bo Kujahn has also expanded his instrument repertoire with the Arabic "piano" "Qanoon", which he with the support of D.J.B.F.A. has studied in Cairo and Tunis.

Lars Bo Kujahn also attended many studio sessions with artists like :

"Infernal" - "Outlandish" - "Bent Fabricius Bjerre" -"Fatma Zidan" - "Orientexpressen" -  "Phaphar" and many more.

1982 -? : Teacher in Darbuka, Drum Kit, Guitar and Kanun.

1992: co-founder of the association for world music in DK (now Tempi) 1992 -? : founder "Oriental Mood"

1992 -? : 800 LMS school concerts with World of Drums, Fatma Zidan and Oriental Mood

1994-2017 : Teacher at West Jutland High School summer courses 1998-2004: Head of the events "East West" on Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.

1989-96: arranged 7 music / percussion and dance study trips to Cairo. 1994-2004: playing with "Orient Expressen" (S)

1999-2003: playing with "Outlandish" and "Infernal"

2001-2004 project manager / composer / musician on music and dance performance "Oriental Cut"

2005-06: Music consultant for "Images of the Middle East 2006 ″

2007: Composes and plays music for "Julebizz.com" - at Taastrup Theater.

2008: Head of Talent 08 with Steinar Offsdal v / Forde Festival (N) 2008 2008: to win the "World Track of the Year" at the Danish World Music Awards 2008 and 2010

2009: Studio musician on several projects including Pharfar, Opgang 2, Bent F Bjerre and others.

2010-2018 : Playing with "Fatma Zidan Group"

2010-2018: 6 x Houseartist at Blågård, Vejlebro; Gildbro, Selsmose, Engholm and Herstedlund schools.

2011: Help to win UNESCOS Prize:

for "Talent 2008" at Førde Festival (N)

2012 -? : Teacher at "Goldschmidts Music Academy"

2014: Consultant / Head of World Music Center West

at Ishøj Kulturskole

2018-19 tours in India with Kasper Søeborg - and Oriental Mood

2022 - Concerts with Kasper Søeborg and Oriental Mood

2023 - Concerts with Oriental Mood and Fatma Zidan in Egypt 

            Concerts with Kasper Søeborg at Færøerne


LBK is currently active as both a musician and a composer in the following contexts: 

Oriental Mood (leader since-92) 

Contadum (percussion trio)

Lars Bo Kujahn / Kasper Soeborg Duo "Word´n Global"