Workshops and School for Oriental Percussion & Music

Since 1991 I have been a teacher in Oriental Percussion with rhythms from Turkey and the Middle East.
I made the book “Oriental Percussion” (1992) – and released the book/DVD called

“Oriental Percussion 2” (2007)– with rhythms for absolute beginners – to very advanced solofigures and bended rhythms from Egypt, Balkan and Turkey.

To play the Arabian tabla – I was extreemely lucky to meet (now late) dr. Mahmoud Hamoda from Cairo. From him I learned the sovereign technique of how to play the tabla – with a very smooth and advanced method.
This method I melted into a European context which is very easy for westeners to understand !

I teach continuesly at Rhyhmic Center in Cph. And guest teacher at different Danish Music Conservatories.

I have been leading 5 international workshops called “East in West” – and lead the last “East in West 2004” at the Rhythmic Music Conservatorie in Copenhagen 4-8/10-2004.

If you want me as a teacher in workshops/seminars – you are very welcome to contact me.

I teach Kanun and darbuka/drums - and guitar :


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"Goldschmidts Music Academy"

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